Will Etihad remain involved in European aviation? | AeroTime


Will Etihad remain involved in European aviation? | AeroTime

Will Etihad remain involved in European aviation?

After the failure of Air Berlin, Darwin Airline and Alitalia, Etihad recently announced that it would change its growth strategy into something “very disciplined, very measured“. However, there is one European airline partially owned by Etihad whose fate is still unclear: Air Serbia.

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American Airlines orders 30 regional planes

American Airlines is expanding its regional activities with two contracts signed on May 3, 2018, with Embraer and Bombardier. The U.S. based airline will acquire fifteen CRJ900 from the first, and fifteen E175 from the latter.

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Bombardier officializes Downsview sale

Bombardier officialized the sale of its Downsview site to the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) for about $635 million on May 3, 2018.

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History Hour: Record-setting round-the-world flight on B747SP-21

On May 1–3, 1976, Pan American World Airways’ Boeing 747SP-21 departed on a record-setting flight around the world.

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