Why Us?

Have you ever thought about finding a flying job in China? Other

than pay and roster, what would be your prime concerns ?

The following consideration will certainly find you the ultimate agency who will deliver on their promises and meet your expectations. Of course, another way to and out is to ask anyone already working in China in the following contextual concerns.


Did the agency disappear after they showed up and signed the contract

Many agencies can talk the talk but not walk the walk. They simply disappear and are nowhere to be found after the contract is signed.


Is there a “no compete clause” in your contract?

Once the agency recruited you, they keep you attached by inserting a contract clause for them “not to compete” (CNC) for your business. This makes you believe that you are stuck with them for the remainder of your time in China. They have no incentive to provide you any care or service – and they don’t.


Is the disputes settlement clauses set outside of China?

Most overlooked and hidden clause in your contract is the “dispute settlement” clause. While the contract is performed in China why bother to have the settlement jurisdiction outside of China? The intention is clear by common practice of legal strategy. They want to make your life difficult should the need for settlement arise. All is to their advantage.

At Aircrew Aviation, we stick to the belief of pilots helping pilots. We will be there for your entire journey in China. From the start of your contract, to helping set up your new life in China, help with training by giving advice about Chinese instructors, help with any problems during the course of entire contract term.