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Aircrew Aviation LTD., Hong Kong


Welcome onboard the ship of Aircrew, for the job seeker we are
helping our fellow pilots to have a better job and prosperity of their family. For other aviation business, we are a total solutions provider for operating and training.

There are many other professional agencies out there should you decided to find a job in China. Yet most of them merely serve as a medium to sign the contract and then you are on your own until nest contract term. Moreover, some of them consciously manipulate the contract using unlawful clauses (unjust in some country) to intimidate our fellow pilots from enjoying the legal freedom they entitled to.

We, therefore are not merely a contract writer nor pirates. We are professional pilots just like you. We know China better than anyone else out there. Come join us and let us give you the advantage to not only to find a good job but lead you and your family to a prosperous life in China.

Our Affiliation and Clients

 We are proudly to announce that AIRCREW is officially affiliated to Flight Quality Consultant, FQC,   to work together for our pilot fellows; and just to name of few our client airlines, detail coming soon;

Aviation News

The Sky Is Never Limited Only Your Vision Could Be

China has never been the same in the last 20 years. It is evolving to a bright star under the leadership of President Xi. The civil aviation sector is now booming given the fact that there are more than 1.3 billion people.

All of the MBA theories are wasted and simply NOT applicable in China, only come and see for yourself using the new scope of “People economic phenomena” then enjoy the lucrative reward while doing the job you love and while enjoying your life with your family.

We are always here to help!