Why did Airbus stop publishing aircraft list prices?

Daily Newsletter | July 3, 2019
The researchers of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland have recovered from the ices of Greenland the fan hub of Air France’s A380 that suffered an uncontained engine failure in September 2017.
Airbus is reportedly halting a long-held policy of publishing the catalog prices for its product line. The European manufacturer has been providing list prices for its aircraft on an annual basis, but so far has not released 2019 data. The company stresses that the list-price data do not reflect actual values of finalized deals. So what is the use of list prices and in what way can they be deemed as irrelevant?
Every aviation enthusiast had a very bittersweet Valentine’s Day in 2019, as Airbus announced that they are canceling the production of the Super Jumbo in 2021. As of that day, the European aircraft manufacturer would not accept any new orders for their flagship aircraft. But is the A380 poised for a second coming?
Boeing announces $100 million in funds for the families as well as communities of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 victims. 
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