US House Committee invites Boeing CEO to testify on the 737 MAX

Daily Newsletter | September 18, 2019
As Boeing prepares for the un-grounding of the 737 MAX, numerous legal proceedings and settlements will follow the logistical challenges for the manufacturer. In the latest turn of events, the Chairman of the United States’ House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Peter DeFazio, has “formally invited” the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, to testify before the committee. The hearing is scheduled for October 30, 2019, a year and a day later after the first Boeing 737 MAX plunged into the sea in Indonesia.
Boeing began assembling Japan’s first KC-46 Pegasus tanker by loading a 25-meter (82.4 feet) long wing spar in the company’s 767 production facility in Everett, United States.
AIR Convention Europe 2019
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The European air space is very, if not the most, congested space in the world. Wizz Air CEO, József Váradi, while speaking at AIR Convention mentioned that “ATC is almost completely dysfunctional” in the continent. Even so, by 2040, Europe will have a capacity gap of 1.5 million, accounting for more than 160 million passengers not being able to get on a flight, according to EUROCONTROL growth predictions. But today, the issue is also relevant – as airports are becoming congested with limited slot space and the constant lack of manpower both in the cockpits and in the air traffic control towers, is European air space too saturated to be able to grow? What are the options to sustain the growth of traffic without filling up the skies with too many aircraft?
The rapid rise in global demand for air travel combined with the emergence of low-cost carriers have led to an unprecedented and solid growth of the aircraft ACMI leasing market in recent years, particularly within Europe. Today, the ACMI providers offer solutions in capacity management for leading scheduled and charter airlines. And the market shows no signs of stopping. Once considered as a quick fix for short-term capacity issues, long-term ACMI leasing from third parties has also gained momentum.
The failures of WOW Air and Aigle Azur that European market saw in 2019 are unlikely to mark the end of the bankruptcy season in the continent, lessors believe. In a panel discussion at AIR Convention Europe 2019, Marian Pistik, the head of asset management at International Airfinance Corporation and Rob Watts, the CEO of Aerotask have exchanged views on what is there to come for the market in the near future. 
From József Váradi, CEO and Founder of Wizz Air, to the singer Jurgis Didžiulis, AIR Convention Europe 2019 hosted a diverse range of opinion leaders within the aviation industry. For those who could not make it to Vilnius, replay the live stream of the day on AeroTime.
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