Two emergency landings in a row involving Onur Air | AeroTime


Two emergency landings in a row involving Onur Air | AeroTime

Rising fuel prices part 2: impact on airline profitability

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates the jet fuel price average for this year will rise above the feared $80 per barrel mark. With this, the impact on 2018 fuel bill of the global airline industry is expected to be $39.3 billion. But do rising oil prices mean only bad news for airlines around the world? One investment bank says it “may actually be good” for airlines around the world, including the three biggest U.S. carriers – Delta, United, and American.

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Two emergency landings in a row involving Onur Air

Saudi Arabian Airlines confirmed to AeroTime the aircraft that crash landed on May 21, 2018, was wet-leased from the low-cost airline Onur Air, meaning that the flight crew was entirely composed of employees from the Turkish airline.The incident was the second of two mishaps involving Onur Air in a week.

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What happens when good pilot works for wrong airline?

When it comes to finding the right pilot to fly commercial aircraft, experience in the cockpit is not enough. While aviators are now required to have at least 500 flight hours under the belt, not to mention work history and other documents, airlines are now looking for what is the best fit to their company – personality.

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Argentina, United Kingdom to open five routes to the Falklands

Five routes between Argentina and the contested Falklands Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish) are currently being studied by the Argentinian and British authorities, the Foreign Minister of Argentina Jorge Faurie announced on May 22, 2018, during a visit of his British homologue Boris Johnson.

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