Southwest reaches farther with 50 new international routes | AeroTime


Southwest reaches farther with 50 new international routes | AeroTime

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise eyes massive airliner order

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), one of the leading aircraft leasing companies on the market, is currently negotiating with Airbus and Boeing about acquiring 400 single-aisle aircraft. If discussions with the manufacturers are inconclusive, the UAE-based lessor is ready to buy out a rival.

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Southwest reaches farther with 50 new international routes

To date, Southwest – the largest airline in the U.S. by passenger numbers as well as the largest low-cost carrier in North America – has been flying  near-international routes. But now, the one-time regional airline is looking to fly further outside the U.S., with up to 50 untapped destinations including South America, the airline’s chief says.

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Russia denies its airspace for Icelandic airlines

Icelandic airlines are still not authorized to fly through the Russian airspace. This has been keeping WOW air and Icelandair from accessing East Asia. To cope with the ban, companies are now turning their attention towards India.

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V-280 Valor takes off on 1st horizontal flight

Bell V-280 Valor entered a new phase of development. On May 11, 2018, the hybrid aircraft has tilted its rotors horizontally for the first time. It then proceeded to several flight tests over Bell’s Amarillo site in Texas, United States.

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