Ryanair’s cabin crew unions threaten Europe-wide summer strikes | AeroTime


Ryanair’s cabin crew unions threaten Europe-wide summer strikes | AeroTime

Unions representing Ryanair’s cabin crew across Europe are set to meet on May 28, 2018, in Madrid, Spain, to discuss possible industrial action against the low-cost carrier this summer. Five unions have already issued a June 30, 2018, deadline for the airline to adopt national employment laws for all their employees. They will reportedly be discussing measures to take if Ryanair fails to comply with their demands. But will the airline bend under pressure?

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Aviation still has investment perspectives?

Aircraft leasing has gone from being a niche investment category to a mainstream field, with more money, opportunities and competition. Lessors are ardent about the rising demand for aircraft, global air traffic continues to grow and as new funding sources are required to be sourced by the industry even faster. But what is the investment worthiness of the aircraft leasing market now?

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Russian airlines at risk of tighter scrutiny in U.S.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) announced on May 23, 2018, new rules or the Russian cargo and commercial airlines operating in U.S. airports. Three concerned companies – Aeroflot, AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Yakutia Airlines – have seven days to comply.

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Opinion: When will we see the “Tesla” of aviation?

With the impending danger of a warming planet and the continuous depletion of the planet’s fossil fuels the world is moving towards more sustainable forms of energy. Aviation is no exception, where efforts to bring hybrid and sustainable sourced energy to the industry are paying off.

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