Real threat to Boeing: Trump’s tariffs or China’s retaliation? | AeroTime Weekend Special

WEEKEND SPECIAL | 17 March 2018
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Real threat to Boeing: Trump’s tariffs or China’s retaliation?

After Donald Trump signed an order for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and threatened up to $60 billion tariffs on Chinese imports, serious concerns over its impact on the United States companies like Boeing followed. While tariffs do not pose a serious threat for Boeing as steel and aluminum alloys are just 1.7% of the total production costs, Seeking Alpha reports, the potential trade war could threaten its sales.

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Pilot shortage tackled – the D.A.T.U.S. plan

2017 was the safest year in the aviation history, thanks to the multiple high-tech and engineering advancements ensuring the fundamental key element that safety represents in any commercial flights. We, however, too often take for granted the excellent service provided by the professionals operating these complex flying machines.

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Behind the schedule: passenger rights in Europe

On February 26, 2018, Singapore Airlines flight was delayed for almost three hours after cabin crew allegedly entered a restricted area at Hong Kong airport by breaching security procedures. AeroTime got in touch with Marius Stonkus, CEO of a claim refund company, to talk about airlines, flight delays, and passenger rights in Europe.

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