Qatar Airways posts frugal FY2019 financial results

Daily Newsletter | September 19, 2019
Qatar Airways has posted its financial results for FY2019. While the press release stated that the report highlights “the airline group’s success and underlying robust financial health”, the bottom line of the financial report points otherwise. The imposed blockade, losses from investments in various joint ventures and rising fuel costs have contributed to a net loss for the exuberant Middle East carrier.
A Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashed near ​​Pluvigner, western France. The two pilots managed to eject. The falling aircraft damaged a house, its occupants were evacuated.
Air France and the Dubreuil group did not submit any new takeover offer after the first one was rejected by the Commercial Court of Evry. However, four new takeover offers were filed before the deadline.
The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has revealed a new livery that will be present on their aircraft, starting with newest jets ‒ the Airbus A350 and the A320neo. The new paint job is a contemporary “take on classic Scandinavian design”, highlighting the next chapter in the airline’s book, as SAS is undergoing a fleet renewal program.
Superjet 100 makers might finally be coming to terms with the questionable reputation of the airliner: previously plagued with maintenance problems, the aircraft made headlines earlier in 2019 after a crash in Moscow that claimed 41 lives. Rostec is considering a name change for the SSJ100.  
Less than a month after the crash of a C-101 Aviojet training plane which cost the life of its pilot, the Spanish Academia General del Aire was affected by another fatal accident on September 18, 2019.
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