Mitsubishi renames MRJ as SpaceJet, unveils SpaceJet M100

Daily Newsletter | June 13, 2019
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has confirmed a new name for its regional jets. Mitsubishi SpaceJet aircraft family, as it is now called, is to be comprised of two planes: the MRJ90 regional jet, now to be known as the SpaceJet M90, and its successor ‒ the smaller and U.S. clause compliant SpaceJet M100.
A large brown bear walked through the personnel’s security gate at the Yelizovo Airport (PKC) in the far east of Russia. The bear was caught on CCTV cameras, Siberian Times reports. Apparently, a security guard did not expect a passenger like that, stating “Look who we have here at 5.30am. And without I.D, too!”. 
The end of one airline is the beginning of a new one. Switzerland has a new airline and it will commence operations under the name of Chair Airlines. The leisure carrier is the successor to Germania Flug, one of the two subsidiaries of Germania, which declared bankruptcy in early 2019.
President of the United States Donald Trump confirmed Poland’s decision to purchase 32 F-35A fighter jets, as part of a larger deal that will see the U.S. strengthen their defense relationship with the EU member state, as Turkey is about to be phased out of the Joint Strike Fighter program.
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