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Lufthansa and IAG could enter a clash of titans over Norwegian

The low cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle could become the prize of a fight between two giants of the European aviation industry: International Airlines Group and Lufthansa. After a stake acquisition in April 2018 by IAG and several bids for a full buyout, Lufthansa revealed it was also in contact with Norwegian over a similar proposition.

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The end of flight disruptions for Air Malta?

Air Malta suffered flight disruptions between May and June 2018, mainly due to expansion of operations without an adequate fleet to support it. As the airline receives its first A320neo, Air Malta Chairman Charles Mangion commented for AeroTime via email on the current situation as well as the long-term objectives of the company.

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Airbus A330neo begins endurance tests

The Airbus A330neo began its endurance and online testing on commercial routes. As a final step in the aircraft certification phase, these function and reliability tests, also known as route proving, will include ETOPS  missions, landing at diversion airports and testing airport handling services.

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Aigle Azur bracing to launch long-haul operations

Aigle Azur, the second most scheduled French airline after Air France, received its second Airbus A330-200 on June 14, 2018. The plane was immediately deployed on the same middle-haul routes as the first one. Eventually, they should be used for long-haul routes the company plans to open during the summer 2018.

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