Lufthansa A340 reaches the Atlantic, U-turns back to Germany

AeroTime Daily News | December 17, 2019
Following a meeting of its board of directors in Chicago, Boeing decided to interrupt the production of the 737 MAX from January 2020 in order to prioritize the delivery of stored aircraft. The plane has now been grounded for nine months, following two crashes that killed 346 people.
A week before Boeing announced its decision to halt 737 MAX production due to, among other factors, the prolonged certification of the grounded aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chief has outlined the steps that still need to be made before the MAX can return to service.
If long-haul flights were not exhausting enough, passengers on a scheduled Lufthansa flight to New York on December 9, 2019, learned how frustrating the trips can be. Especially when you end up where you started (or somewhere nearby). Having reached the Atlantic, Lufthansa Flight LH404 was forced to turn back to Germany due to an issue with the hydraulics system, but could not land at its point of origin.
A Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range bomber had to carry out an emergency landing after one of its two engines failed, on December 17, 2019. The plane was on a training exercise in the Astrakhan oblast. 
The Chinese military officially put into service the CNS Shandong, its second aircraft carrier, on 17 December 2019.
As protests in Hong Kong continue, local airlines keep suffering traffic losses. Cathay Pacific provided its latest traffic update for November 2019, depicting how difficult the month was for the carrier. 

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