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DAILY NEWSLETTER | 30 January 2018
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Israeli airlines pull flights for lack of security personnel

Israeli airlines forced to cancel international flights due to shortage of security personnel. Sun d’Or is pulling three routes and Israir one for summer 2018. Such security impediments will make it difficult for Israeli airlines to keep up with increased air travel, particularly during the busy summer season.

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Five new airlines to compete over Pakistan’s skies in 2018

Five new private airlines are expected to enter Pakistan’s aviation industry, challenging domestic airlines and the struggling Pakistan International Airlines.

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Russian Su-27 allegedly intercepts U.S. EP-3 within 5 feet

The United States Department of State claims a Russian military fighter jet “engaged in an unsafe interaction” with U.S. Navy plane in international airspace on January 29, 2018. The department notes that a Russian Su-27 flew just within five feet of a U.S. EP-3. Russia denies breaking international rules.

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Hell still freezing over: Ryanair officially recognizes UK union
Russia to resume flights to Egypt if security agreement is signed
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