Inside the eye of Dorian, the Hurricane Hunters

Daily Newsletter | September 2, 2019
What was supposed to be his first lesson on a two-seater plane turned into a crash course on how to fly and land a light aircraft solo. A trainee pilot was forced to take over the controls and make an emergency landing after his flight instructor collapsed mid-flight. With the guidance of air traffic control, the student managed to land the plane safely at an airport in Perth, Australia.
Weather services from all around the world have their eyes set on Hurricane Dorian. To predict its trajectory and intensity, a varied array of data is collected in real-time. In the United States, some of those measures are taken by planes flying in the eye of the hurricane.
Confirming the rumors that spread earlier this summer, Airbus announced its withdrawal from the Canadian fighter jet replacement tender, citing NORAD security requirements and recent changes to the industrial specifications.
The last decade of the 20th century was full of excitement and new adventures in aviation. But amongst the noise lived a quiet, yet very important aircraft – the Boeing 717. While Boeing had little to no success in selling the jet, the 717 still played an important role in aviation history, as it did redefine something crucial to every aircraft manufacturer to this day.
AirAsia X, the long-haul unit of the AirAsia Group, sings a firm order for 12 A330-900 and 30 A321XLR aircraft. Despite the fact that the A330neo order includes almost three times fewer aircraft than previously announced, AirAsia group remains the biggest customer of both aircraft types. 
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