Indian airlines affected by multiple Monsoon-related incidents

Daily Newsletter | July 5, 2019
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) advises airlines to be more cautious during the monsoon, issuing a list of “precautions”. “Aircraft operations during monsoon season pose challenges, which of late have resulted in a number of occurrences,” is stated in the Air Safety Circular, issued on July 2, 2019.  
A Russian Su-27 fighter jet was scrambled to intercept a U.S. P-8A Poseidon observation plane over the Black Sea near Crimea.
After an audit reveals missing paperwork, Air Zimbabwe lands in hot water for three “missing” aircraft. 
Four windows of Turkish Airlines brand new Dreamliner have been damaged by heat during a photoshoot, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to AeroTime. 
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