Iceland’s WOW air to take off again, this time, from the US

Daily Newsletter | September 10, 2019
The defunct Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW air is reportedly set to resume flight operations as soon as October 2019. The transatlantic airline has been taken over by a U.S. aviation firm, ending months of speculation about plans for the revival of the carrier.
For the first time, AIR Convention offers the opportunity to those who will not be attending the event in-person to send their questions for the speakers. 
Having recently warned that it would not take in any new Airbus and Boeing jets until plane makers and engine manufacturers get their act together, Emirates admitted the beginning of A380 phase out and announced the retirement of the last 777-300 in its fleet. 
In focus
As mainline carriers like Air India, Malaysia Airlines and Philippine Airlines struggle to contain their losses and keep losing market share in their domestic markets, somebody has to fill in the void between the demand and lack of capacity. Yet keeping up with the demand in the region is not easy, as passengers have very different consumption practices compared to the markets in Europe or North America. Such conditions are the perfect breeding ground for one type of carrier – a no-frills one.
After 15 years of managing the company, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) president Yuri Miroshnikov is to step down after the expiration of his contract. He should be replaced by Yevhenii Dykhne, who will be tasked with bringing the company back to profit and giving its network a “sustainable development”.
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