Heroines of skies: Interview with Radmila Tonković

Weekend Special | July 27, 2019
Who were the first female astronomers? The first woman to teach her son to fly? What are Night Witches and why are they special?

“Sky Heroines of the World” answers these questions, telling the stories of 2,000 female pilots throughout time, celebrating the special role of women in aviation history.
AeroTime has spoken with the author of the book, professor Radmila Tonković. Having served in the Air Force Air Defense Command of Yugoslavia/Serbia for 24 years, prof. Tonković herself is well familiar with aviation.

Not to miss this week / Boeing 737 MAX crisis
Not to Miss this Week
The Paris Public Prosecutor has requested Air France to face trial for manslaughter and negligence in the training of pilots, following the crash in 2009 of flight AF447 between Rio de Janeiro and Paris which killed 228 people. The Prosecutor also asked to dismiss a case against Airbus, whose A330-200 crashed in the middle of the Atlantic after an icing of the Pitot probes.
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