Has Boeing NMA found its first big customer?

Daily Newsletter | March 7, 2019
While Boeing’s decision on the new middle of market aircraft ‒ the NMA ‒ is anticipated in the upcoming months, the aircraft might already have its first customer. Delta Airlines CEO admits that the U.S. legacy carrier is “very interested in it” and could potentially opt for as many as 200 NMAs over the next decade, as it is looking for replacement of its aging Boeing 767s and 757s.
As MRO demand in Asia keeps booming, with Malaysian aftermarket alone generating about $1 billion in 2018, the industry analysis seems as important as ever. In the context of the longest profitability period ever in commercial aviation industry, MRO sector is looking pretty healthy, too.
Trouble continues for the Bangladesh national carrier. Following a hijacking attempt on one of its planes a couple of weeks ago, now the country’s authorities accuse Biman Bangladesh Airlines of corruption.
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