Germany to have one of the most expensive governmental fleets on the planet?

Daily Newsletter | May 20, 2019
For the first time since the crashes of Lionair and Ethiopian Airlines that involved the Boeing 737 MAX, the manufacturer has recognized defects in the simulator software supposed to reproduce flight conditions for pilots to train.
Germany placed a firm order for three ACJ350-900 XWB and thus became the first government customer of this type of aircraft.
Ryanair continues to have “utmost confidence” in Boeing 737 MAX, but is postponing the delivery of its first five MAXs at least until the winter of 2019, based on the condition that the U.S. manufacturer manages to gain back EASA’s trust by the time.
Industry strike is probably the second most crippling type of strike in aviation. Bird strikes take the championship spot, as they can mess a plane up. So, in honor of the World Migratory Bird Day, let’s have a look at these roadkills of the sky.
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