From all-Boeing to mixed: Xiamen Airlines asks for Airbus jets

AeroTime Daily News | January 16, 2020
Reports and rumors about the financial difficulties at the British regional carrier Flybe prompted some interesting reactions. Some were questioning why was this happening, as just a few months ago, Virgin Atlantic-led consortium Connect Airways announced a rebranding of the carrier to Virgin Connect to better align with the Virgin family. Others were questioning whether the British government should be involved in rescuing the allegedly ailing airline as Flybe is crucial to regional connectivity within the United Kingdom.
Why is Flybe so important to the United Kingdom and its connectivity? How come with the backing of Virgin Atlantic, the carrier is struggling once again? And finally, what are some of the factors that might have led to the potential demise of the regional airline?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating Delta Air Lines Flight 89 incident when a Boeing 777 aircraft in emergency dumped fuel over Los Angeles. The fuel landed on several schools grounds. Now, the U.S. authority is puzzled on what prompted Delta’s crew to perform a usual procedure in a very unusual way. 
Xiamen Airlines, an all-Boeing operator, is planning to add the first Airbus-made aircraft to its fleet by leasing ten A321neo from 2021. The news from a formerly exclusive Boeing Chinese client comes a day after the United States and China signed a Phase One trade deal, likely to help Boeing sell more of its products in the Asian country. 
Qatar Airways announced a significant codeshare expansion agreement with its partner from South East Asia, Malaysia Airlines. The Doha-based carrier‘s newest agreement will enable its passengers to book tickets to such Malaysian destinations as Sibu, Alo Setar and two Indonesian cities, namely Medan and Surabaya.

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