Does acquiring Airbus aircraft make sense for Southwest Airlines?

Daily Newsletter | October 28, 2019
The 737 MAX crisis has had an impact on many aspects within the aviation industry – from relationships between airlines and manufacturers, trust among aviation authorities to the relationship between passengers and the industry, the groundings have shifted the industry. What was once the best option to save money in the short-term, has costed Boeing in many ways.
Nordica, Estonian state-owned airline, has ceased five routes in Europe as they proved unprofitable. The airline claims the routes are only suspended until the competitive situation improves. Until then, the Estonian state-owned airline is to focus on participation in public tenders and charter flight operations only.
An air group of the Russian Aerospace Forces paid an exceptional visit to South Africa. During their stay, two Russian Tu-160 M2 strategic bombers conducted a nighttime training flight over the Indian Ocean.
The X-37B, the United States Air Force space drone, has just returned to Earth after a 780-day flight. The exact purpose of its two-year mission remains a secret.
Despite difficult operational conditions regarding the 737 MAX groundings and diminishing passenger numbers at its base airport, Icelandair announced that its guidance for the year had been revised upwards. Furthermore, Icelandair also adjusted its flight schedules, removing the 737 MAX from service until at least March 2020.
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