Delta plane’s engine seen falling apart mid-flight

Daily Newsletter | July 10, 2019
A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on June 8, 2019, due to engine failure mid-flight. The incident may not have made the news if not for the terrifying video footage taken by passengers on board the aircraft, showing one of the MD-88’s engines falling apart while the plane was in the air.
The French government will implement an eco-tax of 1.50 to 18 euros on air tickets from 2020. The tax will be applied to all flights departing from French airports, except for connecting flights and those to Corsica or French overseas territories.
President Trump declares that Qatar has agreed to buy a ‘larger number’ of commercial planes from Boeing during the meeting with the Emir of Qatar.
Both Airbus and Boeing are due to release their financial results for the first half (H1) of 2019 in the upcoming weeks. Ahead of that, numbers of planes delivered and orders gained are already known. 
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