Delta Boeing 777 dumps fuel over school (Video)

AeroTime Daily News | January 15, 2020
Boeing announced its Q4 and subsequently full-year orders and deliveries results. Struggling to deal with the 737 MAX crisis and other issues, including the 777X delays and KC-46 safety issues, the once-biggest aircraft manufacturer was forced to cede its position to Airbus.
Delta Air Lines landed in hot water after one of its Boeing 777 aircraft dumped fuel over the suburbs of Los Angeles. To make matters even worse, the location where the fuel landed happened to be an elementary school. About twenty children and ten adults who were in the courtyard of the school were affected. 
International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of such airlines as British Airways and Iberia, filed a complaint with the European Union regarding the British Government’s intervention to help the ailing Flybe. With Flybe struggling to stay afloat once again, the Government stepped in to help the regional carrier after it reached an agreement with the airline’s shareholders to keep the company flying.
IndiGo’s woes with its A320neo engines might soon come to an end. Calling the work that the airline has done so far “impressive”, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has set a new deadline for IndiGo to completed remove unmodified, potentially dangerous engines from its fleet. 
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Avion Express, leading ACMI operator in the world, is delighted to announce that the company reached record yearly production results in 2019.

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