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China’s Tiangong-1 expected to crash to Earth within weeks

China’s first space station – the Tiangong-1, also known as “Heavenly Palace 1”, – is expected to come crashing down to Earth within weeks, experts say. Agencies around the world have been monitoring the spacecraft’s descent as the space station has been out of control since September 2016. Scientist have not been able to predict exactly where and when the module will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but forecasts indicate Europe, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

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History hour: the 1st female pilot takes to the skies

March 8, 2018, marks a very special day for women in aviation – exactly 108 years ago Raymonde de Laroche got her pilot’s license, becoming the first female pilot in the world. 

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Japan new fighter could use foreign design

Japan has been trying to get its own stealth fighter plane for a while now. After the U.S. Congress announced that the F-22 would not be available for foreign countries because of its advanced stealthy technology, the Japanese Ministry of Defense decided to start a project of its own.

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U.S. – Brazil Open Skies agreement gets green light from Senate
Chinese airports receive record numbers of passengers
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