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DAILY NEWSLETTER | 22 January 2018
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Boeing MAX v Airbus Neo: an evolving rivalry

When Airbus launched the A320 to compete against the 737 family of aircraft in 1984, it was competing against a mature company with a distinct first-mover advantage. It took Airbus a good number of years to catch up to Boeing’s order books, cementing both the A320 and the 737 as two of the most successful aircraft of all time, in terms of orders.  

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Lessons from private jet charter providers

It’s no news that the business aviation market has been slow during recent years. As projected, just in 2019 it will begin to register a noticeable growth. Despite new players hitting the segment, the usual manufacturers like Gulfstream, Bombardier and Embraer are hoping deliveries pick up in the upcoming months.

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Angola’s $500M debt to airlines is troubling, IATA says

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts a rise in the size of Angola’s air transport market to 7.1 million passengers a year by 2036 at the forecasted annual growth rate of 6.7%.  However, even faster growth with greater socio-economic benefits for Angola could be achieved if the country implements a set of changes, IATA believes. 

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Russia changes regulations for World Cup 2018
Germania to ditch B737 for all-Airbus fleet
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