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Boeing and Nippon Cargo braces for troubles ahead

Aviation Tech Talks: Why do airlines stay behind on new tech?

The airline industry has become quite famous for lagging behind other industries when it comes to technology. Despite aviation being one of the most technically sophisticated industries out there, decades old software and operational glitches still persist. To find out what may be the reason for airlines’ reluctance to embrace innovation, AeroTime sat down with SIGMO Airline Databases’ CEO Manuel Javorik. 

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Nippon Cargo grounds fleet after record irregularities found

Nippon Cargo Airlines temporarily grounded its fleet of freighters from June 16, 2018, after Japanese transport ministry found irregularities in their maintenance process.

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Boeing bracing for potential trade war between US and China

Boeing is assessing the potential damages in case it finds itself at the center of of a trade war between the United States and China. Announcements of new tariffs came on June 15, 2018. It was the White House that shot first. China’s response followed, leaving the manufacturer in a precarious position.

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Rolls Royce appeases investors on Trent 1000 problem

Rolls Royce claims there are no signs indicating that the Trent XWB engine, equipping the Airbus A350 family, could have the same compressor blade defect as the Trent 1000. However, the XWBs have not undergo enough maintenance checks to be sure of it yet.

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