Boeing 737 MAX return question caught in FAA reputation crisis

Weekend Special | September 28, 2019
As Boeing nears the end of the 737 MAX software update, the question remains whether aviation authorities will follow the FAA’s example in clearing the aircraft to fly again ‒ as it is a custom in the industry. The discussions and speculation on the topic has intensified in the last week, as global authorities gathered to the ICAO tri-annual assembly session on September 24, 2019. While media reports indicate that regulators authorities are starting to lean towards the customary method and might un-ground the aircraft if not at the same time as their U.S. counterpart, then shortly after, the FAA’s reputation faced another blow. And this time, the hit came from the home base. 
But was is unsuspected?
The failures of WOW Air and Aigle Azur that European market saw in 2019 are unlikely to mark the end of the bankruptcy season in the continent, lessors believe. In a panel discussion at AIR Convention Europe 2019, Marian Pistik, the head of asset management at International Airfinance Corporation and Rob Watts, the CEO of Aerotask have exchanged views on what is there to come for the market in the near future. 
Airbus and the French Directorate General of Armament (DGA) have successfully achieved the first helicopter flight refueling test of the A400M Atlas transport aircraft with an H225M Caracal. A proximity test with the upcoming H160 Guépard was also conclusive.
The first KC-130J Super Hercules of the French Armée de l’Air landed at Orléans-Bricy Air Base on September 19, 2019. The aircraft was highly anticipated in France, as it will allow refueling the country’s helicopters in-flight.
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