Aviation authorities critical of FAA Boeing 737 MAX certification

Weekend Special | September 21, 2019
While the grounded Boeing 737 MAX jets are already a headache for airlines, their ungrounding will likely to bring a new range of confusion for aircraft lessors, investors and financiers. What will be the price of the 737 MAX and what factors will affect its value once the planes are given the green light to fly again is one of the main topics concerning the industry right now.
Highlights of AIR Convention Europe 2019
The failures of WOW Air and Aigle Azur that European market saw in 2019 are unlikely to mark the end of the bankruptcy season in the continent, lessors believe. In a panel discussion at AIR Convention Europe 2019, Marian Pistik, the head of asset management at International Airfinance Corporation and Rob Watts, the CEO of Aerotask have exchanged views on what is there to come for the market in the near future. 
The ever-increasing demand for new aircraft might point to the fact that the industry is boiling hot right now. The bubble-burst of the airline financing market would affect a lot of airlines that are operating under tight margins or are already at a loss. While for some the current situation is quite grim, for others it has become the perfect medium to grow their operations sustainably, at least for now.

The aviation industry has been on the front line of digital transformation ever since the digital revolution began almost a quarter of a century ago. How do industry players benefit from digital transformation and what strategic challenges they face in developing such innovative solutions – these are the focal points of the AeroTime AIR Tech talk panel.
With more than 70 electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) being built all around the world, the mobility of the future is about to enter the market. But this new generation of transportation will be in need of operators. This is what the Swiss company EBIRD intends to be, with all the challenges that it entails.

From József Váradi, CEO and Founder of Wizz Air, to the singer Jurgis Didžiulis, AIR Convention Europe 2019 hosted a diverse range of opinion leaders within the aviation industry. For those who could not make it to Vilnius, replay the live stream on AeroTime.
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