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WEEKEND READS | 2 June 2018

Asia’s LCCs thriving, but should they practice some restraint?

There is no doubt that the low-cost business model has become a transformative force in Asia. The demand for low-cost air transportation is huge in Asia, but the development of LCCs tends to lag behind the region’s overall aviation development. Nevertheless, LCCs are now in full-bloom and flourishing in various regions across Asia, and, naturally, creating an intense competition among the budget carriers in the region, particularly in Southeast Asia. The operating environment is increasingly complex, competitive and interconnected. But how is the surge of LCCs affecting individual Asian markets? We take a look at the prospects of Asian LCCs, focusing on a particular LCC market – South Korea and its leading budget carrier – Jeju Air.

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Saratov Airlines owner applied to launch new airline

Saratov Airlines owner Arkady Evstafiev applied to Russian Federal Air Transport Aviation with a request to establish a new airline under the old brand name. The application comes after unsuccessful efforts to keep the original airline in the air by changing its name or taking corrective action. However, the latter effort occasionally contained macabre irregularities.

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SkyWork opposes Darwin fleet sale to Jetstream in Federal Court

SkyWork, a Berne-based (Switzerland) airline, is contesting the decision of the Cantonal Court of Appeal that gave authorization for the sale of six Darwin Air Saab 2000s to U.S. Jetstream Aviation Capital.

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