XL Airways joins the unfortunate club of French airlines

Daily Newsletter | September 20, 2019
XL Airways seems to have joined the unfortunate club of French airlines that won’t operate flights after the summer. The long-haul low-cost airline, which operated mainly from Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport, will join Aigle Azur, which also stopped operations in September 2019.
Rolls-Royce is facing yet another stumbling block in the way of solving its intermediate pressure turbine (IPT) blade problems on the Trent 1000 engines. Having previously announced being “about to fix” the issue, the manufacturer now is pushing back the date of when grounded aircraft numbers could return to a single-digit level. 
Boeing’s unmanned aerial refueler, the MQ-25 Stingray, successfully achieved its maiden sortie. The aircraft validated its basic flight functions and operations with the ground control station.
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