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Interview: Would Air France F447 have happened with Boeing?

Etihad seeking funds to secure its Boeing deliveries

The Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways has sent requests to banks in order to secure the funding of its Boeing orders. The concerned aircraft are worth $1 billion. The Gulf airline might also be considering a similar revision of its Airbus orders, either by canceling or delaying them.

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CR929 gets a wider body, but who will power ambition?

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the Russian consortium of plane makers including Sukhoi, revealed new details on the range and capacity of its CR929 wide-body plane built in a joint venture with Chinese manufacturer COMAC. The CR929 has substantially grown in dimensions since its first design back in 2015, when it was still comparable to an A330-900. 

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Would Air France F447 have happened with Boeing?

It is often debated whether the accident of Flight AF447 from Rio to Paris was partly a consequence of Airbus flight controls. No linkage between sidesticks, lack of feedback, a deceptive Flight Director, auto-trim and a flawed stall alarm. Two Air France Captains share their opinions. One of them is Gérard Arnoux, now retired, who for many years flew Airbus 320 for Air France and is now a technical advisor in the criminal court case. The other captain, who prefers to remain anonymous, flew Airbus 320 aircraft for many years and is now currently commanding a B777.

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