Will SSJ100 Be Grounded?

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Sukhoi SSJ100 Can Be Grounded only by Aviation Authorities

Sukhoi SSJ100 Can Be Grounded only by Aviation Authorities

After fatal emergency landing of Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100, which resulted in the aircraft bursting into flames, citizens started signing a petition in favour of the suspension of SSJ100 operations.

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Best and Worst Airports for 2019

Have you ever travelled to/from Hamad International Airport in Qatar or have you ever set foot in Lisbon Portela Airport? These are two airports that top and conclude the list of the airports ranked.

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Language of the Sky: Learn the Secret

Language of the Sky: Learn the Secret

Aviation English is in some ways a separate language compared to the one spoken on the ground. Therefore, even native English speakers have to learn it. What makes it so special?

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