U.S. hopes Qatar Airways will disclose financial information

DAILY NEWSLETTER | 29 January 2018
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High expectations for global aviation at Singapore Airshow 2018

The upcoming Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest aerospace and defense show, which will take place February 6-11, 2018, promises an exciting look into what’s next for the global aviation industry. There are big things at stake for the global aerospace companies facing challenging times in the aviation industry. At the Airshow these companies will showcase a wide range of their latest products, services and innovations.

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U.S. hopes Qatar Airways will disclose financial information

The U.S. State Department said on January 28, 2018, that Qatar is likely to agree to disclose more detail financial information of Qatar Airways. The state-owned Gulf airline is accused by U.S. carriers of allegedly receiving subsidies from the state of Qatar.

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Kazakhstan to revive regional aviation

Kazakhstan plans to repair a number of regional airfields and purchase new aircraft, the country’s minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kasymbek said at a meeting of the Kazakh government.

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Bombardier wins a trade dispute against Boeing
Storm Aviation introduces Base Maintenance services
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