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DAILY NEWSLETTER | 28 March 2018
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Turkish minister denies rumor of US threat on F-35 deliveries

In an interview to the newspaper Hurryiet, the head of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Parliament Volkan Bozkır had stated that Turkey buying S-400 anti-air system from Russia could affect its F-35 deliveries. Defense minister Nurettin Canikli has denied those comments.

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Croatia to acquire Israeli F-16 jets

Croatian defense council has approved the offer of Israel to sell its F-16 to modernize the Croatian air force.

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UAE not changing flight paths after Qatari fighter jet incident

After the UAE accused Qatari fighter jets of flying dangerously close to its civilian aircraft, the UAE said it will not change its civilian flight paths

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Azul to launch flights to 35 new cities, served with ATR 72-600s
NASA delays launch of the world’s most powerful telescope
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