Tom Enders to receive €36.8 million upon leaving Airbus

Daily Newsletter | April 2, 2019
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects to receive Boeing 737 MAX final software fix in the coming “weeks”, potentially revealing that planes might remain grounded for even longer than previously expected.
As Chief executive of Airbus Tom Enders is due to give up his position on April 10, 2019, he should not leave the company empty-handed. Enders’ departure check amounts to a total of €36.8 million, French media reports.
In late March 2019, Fly Jamaica Airways, a Jamaican airline with “Greenhart” as its callsign, laid off employees and ceased operations. In a letter send to employees, the airline’s CEO explains the decision was taken due to the lack of aircraft and financial troubles, four months after the carrier lost half its fleet during runway excursion incident.
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