Stratolaunch, the world’s largest winspan plane, makes maiden flight

Daily Newsletter | April 15, 2019
Giant double fuselage aircraft, the Stratolaunch, has become airborne. Making its maiden flight on April 13, 2019, it also broke the record, which was in place for the last 72 years, along the way.
From newer, speedier aircraft cabin wi-fi solutions to 3D seats printing as a more efficient way of manufacturing, Passenger Experience Week Show 2019 kicked off last week for the twentieth time, to unveil some of the latest breakthroughs of the industry.
A small plane of the company Summit Air crashed during takeoff after colliding with two parked helicopters. The accident killed three people and injured three.
On April 15, 2019, the United States president Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer Boeing some advice regarding the ongoing 737 MAX crisis. The president urged the manufacturer to upgrade the planes, install new features before rebranding the now-notorious planes.
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