Russian authorities decode Superjet 100 accident flight recorders

Daily Newsletter | May 21, 2019
The founder and chairman of Laudamotion, Niki Lauda passed away at the age of 70. After a brilliant career as a Formula 1 driver, during which he was crowned three times world champion, the Austrian made himself a name in the world of aviation.
By Gediminas Ziemelis
At the moment, only players who have a proven track record are able to keep a strong foothold in the industry, but the tides could soon be changing as countries like Japan set up tax regulations that encourage Japanese investors and equity sourced from Japan to fund projects through Japanese Operating Leases.
Russian authorities have finished decoding flight recorders of Aeroflot Superjet 100, which left forty-one people dead and eleven injured after crash landing in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) on May 5, 2019.
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