Russia denies fire emergency on Saudi soccer team plane | AeroTime


Russia denies fire emergency on Saudi soccer team plane | AeroTime

Flight delays to grow 53% in Europe in 2018

According to the European air traffic control, delays in air traffic should explode in 2018, and the situation will not improve in the coming years, as European airports do not have the capacity to cope with the expected growth of air traffic.

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Russia denies fire emergency on Saudi soccer team plane

On June 18, 2018, Rossiya Airlines’ A319, flying from Saint-Petersburg (LED) to Rostov-on-Don (RVI) and carrying the official soccer team delegation of Saudi Arabia, was involved in an incident when a flame coming from engine was spotted just before landing. Russian authorities deny there was fire, but confirm an incident with the right propelling nozzle took place. They also affirm the incident was minor and posed no real threat for passenger safety.

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Bright prospects for pilots coming from The Big City of Istanbul

Actions taken to curb pilot shortage around the world are dealing with different sides of the problem. For instance, various types of events represent a different approach to the problem solving.

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France takes leadership of European fighter program

France was given development leadership of the sixth-generation European-made fighter jet program on June 19, 2018, with expectations to start study phase by the end of 2018 and demonstration phase in mid-2019. First deliveries are expected for 2040.

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