Recap: Boeing CEO twice auditioned by US lawmakers on 737 MAX

Daily Newsletter | November 1, 2019
Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing CEO, finished the month of October by taking two-day long swim in hot water. During two separate committee hearings, Muilenburg tried to convince the U.S. senators that Boeing is not a company, which puts profit before safety. However, recurring topics of ex-employee’s concern about MCAS and relation with the Federal Aviation Administration proved the task difficult. 
Recap: Dennis Muilenburg and U.S. lawmakers
Exactly one year after Lion Air flight 610 crash, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg spoke about the “mistakes made” with the 737 MAX aircraft and revealed for how long he knew about messages exchange between two Boeing employees from 2016, that describe MCAS malfunction similar to the one detected in both MAX 8 crashes.
On October 29, 2019, Dennis Muilenburg, the Chief Executive Officer of Boeing, is set to testify for the U.S. Senate on the 737 MAX. Ahead of the hearing, the company has released Muilenburg’s opening statement, in which he admits mistakes were made and outlines safety-related measures the company has implemented so far. 
Getting increasingly apologetic about Lion Air flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashes, Boeing CEO has revealed whether he tried to resign for the role in the light of the 737 MAX crisis. Meanwhile, the company’s chief engineer has hinted at another possible reason why it is taking so long to recertify the airplane.
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