Private search for missing MH370 to end: another hunt in vain | AeroTime Weekend Special

WEEKEND READS | 26 May 2018

Private search for missing MH370 to end: another hunt in vain | AeroTime Weekend Reads

The latest developments in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have been overshadowed by the news from the investigation into the downed MH17 flight. But the mystery of the MH370 has never left our minds. The Malaysian government announced that the search for the missing aircraft by a private U.S. company will end on May 29, 2018, without any further extensions. So far, the four year-long search has been fruitless. Question is, who (and if) will be the next party to revive the efforts next.

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Opinion: The U.S. sanctions on Cuban aviation

The U.S.-Cuba relations have improved since Obama administration eased sanctions on Cuba. Sanctions still exist, the same way they remained after the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, James Kim believes.

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Rwanda praised by ICAO. What it means to Africa’s aviation?

ICAO awarded Rwanda with a certificate that recognizes the country’s improved competencies in aviation safety and security oversight. But what this accomplishment means for African aviation?

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