Planespotters around the world: lumix_aviation, Vienna

Weekend Special | November 9, 2019
AeroTime is introducing a new project, called Planespotters around the world. Throughout the project, we will highlight one of the most intriguing crafts within the aviation industry, Planespotting. From capturing beautiful and rare aircraft as they touch down on the runway, to snapping a picture of a rare plane that some of us have always dreamt of seeing, planespotting truly showcases the most beautiful side of the industry – the planes that graze the skies above us.
Two Middle East airlines are set to battle it out on who gains the most out of one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, India. Reports indicate that Qatar Airways will announce a codeshare agreement with IndiGo, the biggest airline in the South Asia country, while Etihad, partnered with Air Arabia, is looking to establish a new low-cost carrier to make use of Etihad’s slots acquired when Jet Airways, a former partner in business, closed its doors for good.
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