Muilenburg, Boeing and Clark, Emirates to step down from their roles

AeroTime Daily News | December 24, 2019
With the ungrounding of the 737 MAX nowhere in sight and production at Renton, Washington stopped, Dennis Muilenburg resigned from the company effective immediately. He leaves his role as CEO and President of the company since becoming the top executive of the company in 2015.
Reports indicate that Tim Clark, the President of Emirates, is set to step down from his role in mid-2020. Nevertheless, he will stay close to the airline, providing advice to the Dubai-based carrier.
Measuring the size of the airline can be done in various ways. However, a good indication of the size of the carrier can be its fleet and how many aircraft it operates. But who were the biggest players in aviation in 2019?
Remembering the Boeing 737 MAX crisis: a five-part series
As the grounding of the 737 MAX continues, the company is seemingly looking at an even deeper crisis. Boeing suspended the production of the MAX and has lost its Chief Executive Officer and President, Dennis Muilenburg, who resigned on December 23, 2019.

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