KLM India tweets advice on seat fatality rate in plane crashes

Daily Newsletter | July 19, 2019
The 737 MAX grounding crisis will cost Boeing $5.6 billion in revenue, to be recognized in the financial results of the second quarter of 2019. The manufacturer admits expecting potential concessions and “other considerations” to last over “a number of years” in various forms of economic value. 
While transiting through the Strait of Hormuz, the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer shot down an approaching Iranian drone.
If you ever wondered where to sit in a plane to survive a possible crash, wonder no more. Good-guy KLM India has provided the answer. The now-deleted post shared on the regional Twitter account of the Dutch airline KLM in India on July 17, 2019, presented seat fatality range indicating which seats in an aircraft are the safest, and which, well, are not so promising.
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By From Space with Love
Published on July 13, 2019

The Indian mission Chandrayaan-2 was due to take off on July 15, 2019, but it was cancelled 1 hour before launch because of technical issues. No new date was announced so far.
By Paulius Jakutavicius
Published on July 17, 2019

FL Technics has begun implementing VR modules for the basic training of aviation mechanics. The company has presented its first VR module, which covers the opening of the reverse thrust engine of a Boeing 737NG, and is set to expand its list of modules in the coming months to cover the full scope of maintenance training.
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