Japan Airlines ready to take on regional rivals with new LCC | AeroTime Weekend Special

WEEKEND READS | 9 June 2018

Japan Airlines ready to take on regional rivals with new LCC

Who does not want to tap the growing demand for air travel in Asia these days? Particularly, its booming budget travel market. You may have heard about the latest airline to join the competition, when on May 14, 2018, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced it is going to launch a brand-new low-cost carrier business for the international market. On June 4, 2018, the company released new details about its ambitious venture, including its fleet expansion plans.

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Opinion: Western Sydney Aerotropolis won’t build itself

In a study released this week by the United States Studies Centre, we analysed the success factors of several US airport cities and found parallels that the Western Sydney development could draw on. We also identified policy settings that need to be resolved before the airport opens. 

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Opinion: New era of narrow bodies to revolutionize long distance travel

The airline transportation market is growing at an unprecedented rate. And what seems to be emerging at the forefront of the new era in passenger growth is the introduction of narrow body aircraft on long haul routes.

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