Iran refuses to deliver black boxes of UIA crash to Boeing

AeroTime Daily News | January 9, 2020
A day after the crash of a Ukraine International flight in Tehran that killed 176 people, hypotheses start to emerge regarding the cause. However, given the current political climate, the investigation could prove complicated.
With carriers retiring their Airbus A380 aircraft, seemingly, its life-span is over. Yet one airline is daring enough to operate three of them on the same route, All Nippon Airways. Does it make sense to do so?
A month after Emirates’ Tim Clark, the CEO and founder of IAG Willie Walsh announced he will step down from his position in March 2020, after nine years of service. He will be replaced by Luis Gallego, currently chief executive of Iberia.
European Union (EU) antitrust regulators have restarted their investigation into the Boeing-Embraer commercial tie-up that would result in a new company named Boeing Brazil.

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