Investigators release final Emirates 777 crash-landing report

Weekend Special | February 22, 2020

Investigators issue final Emirates 777 crash-landing report

Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft, flying from India, crash-landed in Dubai (UAE) as it was attempting to fly a go-around, bursting into flames minutes later. While the 300 people onboard the wide-body evacuated alive, a firefighter was killed when…

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Top 5 News of the Week

Why would US block engine sales to Chinese-made C919?

United States government officials are considering blocking the sale of the CFM LEAP-1C engine to COMAC, the manufacturer of the C919, according to people familiar with the matter. Currently, the only engine option developed for the Chinese…

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Why fully electric aviation is not for tomorrow

The aviation industry is under unprecedented pressure regarding its impact on the climate. Aircraft manufacturers and airlines redouble their engagement to limit their carbon footprint. Motivated by the example of the car industry, a number of…

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Air India experiences tail strike upon takeoff, flies on

After unexpectedly noticing an obstacle on Pune Airport, India (PNQ) runway during the takeoff, pilots of Air India Flight AI852 had to perform an emergency takeoff trying to avert a collision. While the Airbus A321 aircraft suffered a tail…

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Debris discovered in fuel tanks of Boeing 737 MAX

During inspections, Boeing found Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in the fuel tanks of certain 737 MAX that were stored while waiting to be delivered to customers. “During maintenance operations, we discovered foreign object debris in undelivered 737…

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Etihad’s controversial A380 battle against wind in Heathrow

Etihad Airways Airbus A380, coming from Abu Dhabi, was met by Storm Dennis’ winds raging to up to 68 km/h at London Heathrow (UK) on February 15, 2020. In a video, which has since gone viral, the superjumbo is seen hanging almost at a 90-degree…

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