Incident prompts USAF to ban Boeing KC-46 from transporting cargo or passengers

Weekend Special | September 14, 2019
The United States Air Force banned the KC-46 tanker from carrying cargo and passengers indefinitely after an incident revealed a new severe deficiency. The problem, so far noticed only in one aircraft, comes as another blow to the KC-46 Pegasus program, already plagued with technical problems that led Boeing to pay more than $3 billion in cost overruns.
For the first time, AIR Convention offers the opportunity to those who will not be attending the event in-person to send their questions for the speakers. 
While Boeing prepares for the un-grounding of the MAX, the aviation agencies are also doing their homework ahead of the eventual green light for the 737 MAX to fly again. However, one of the agencies is going to approve the MAX themselves, rather than delegating the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to do so.
Asia has become a hotspot within the growing aviation industry. The continent is slowly but surely becoming the number one region in carried passengers. While traffic numbers rise, a worrying trend has emerged. Local flag carriers, like Air India or Malaysia Airlines, are not following the growth of the region and contrarily, are regressing as they succumb to pressure locally and internationally.
As mainline carriers like Air India, Malaysia Airlines and Philippine Airlines struggle to contain their losses and keep losing market share in their domestic markets, somebody has to fill in the void between the demand and lack of capacity. Yet keeping up with the demand in the region is not easy, as passengers have very different consumption practices compared to the markets in Europe or North America.
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