Boeing to Support Affected by Lion Air and Ethiopian Crashes

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Boeing to Support Affected by Lion Air and Ethiopian Crashes

Ahead of Independence Day in the U.S., Boeing announced $100 million in funds to address family and community needs of those affected by the tragic accidents of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. 

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Why Are Aircraft Windows Round?

Why Are Aircraft Windows Round?

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to imagine aircraft having square windows – but this is exactly what they once had. Until the 1950s commercial aircraft had square windows.

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Russia’s airlines enjoy collective 12.3 per cent traffic growth

According to the latest data collected by Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsiya, in the period from January to May of this year the country’s carriers served 44.9 million passengers, with the international segment (up by 18 per cent) growing faster than domestic (up 8.4 per cent).

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