Boeing management opted for cost reduction over MCAS improvement?

Daily Newsletter | October 2, 2019
There is no secret that the world runs in cycles – when there is economic growth, a downturn will follow. Every industry feels the impact of an economic downturn and aviation is no exception to the rule. However, in aviation, some use these downturns to their advantage – not only to attract more passengers on their flights but to also purchase aircraft at exceptionally good prices.
Six and a half months after the Boeing 737 MAX was globally grounded due to safety concerns following two crashes, both the manufacturer and the civil aviation authority, which had given the green light for MAX to enter service, remain under fire. The new accusation alleges that Boeing’s management rejected MAX safety improvements three times because of the costs, according to a new whistleblower’s account reported by the media. 
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg presented a new organizational chart aimed at reinforcing the safety of its products. On October 30, 2019, he will testify in front of the U.S. Congress about the Boeing 737 MAX involved in two crashes that killed 346 people.
Norwegian became the only airline to operate flights to both the world’s northernmost and southernmost commercial airports, virtually connecting the Arctic to Antarctica in four flights on a 25-hour long mega-journey. The new service should help Norwegian to promote itself as a global low-cost long-haul airline and its transatlantic operations as the company continues to ramp up its domestic flights within Argentina.
By Piotr Golianek
Brussels Airlines will launch direct flights from Brussels to Ljubljana from November 4th, 2019. This will be the first route taken over after the collapse of the Slovenian airline. The service will be operated 6 times per week using Airbus A319 aircraft, which takes 141 passengers on board.
The news that Adria Airways declared bankruptcy was very significant for both Ljubljana Airport (LJU) and Slovenia, as the airline accounted for more than a half of total traffic in the country. After Adria’s collapse, the country’s government had two ideas on how to sustain the capacity within Ljubljana: either ask for outside help or establish a new, government-owned, airline.
One of the world’s top aviation hubs expands with new services
After several years of working separately, multiple aviation events, recruitment and news services are joining together under AeroTime Hub umbrella to form the second largest aviation digital hub currently in the world.
AeroTime Hub is a multi-channel aviation digital hub, pioneering the way forward for combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, business development and entertainment ,  explains the CEO of AeroTime Hub Mindaugas Gumauskas.
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